Vth Congress of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice

10 October 2022 - Representatives of more than ninety constitutional courts and equivalent bodies from Africa, North and South America, Asia and Europe gathered at the Vth congress of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice (WCCJ) held from 4 to 7 October in Bali, Indonesia. The Constitutional Court of Croatia was at the Congress represented by President Dr Miroslav Šeparović and Deputy President Dr Snježana Bagić. Against the backdrop of armed conflicts and recognising that human suffering caused by ecological, health and economic crises provide fertile ground for political and social unrest, the 5th Congress of the WCCJ discussed the theme “Peace and Constitutional Justice. The participants addressed also, on the background of the national reports, the limitation of the role of constitutional courts in maintaining peace, sources and jurisdiction, fundamental principles in the protection of human rights, democracy and the rule of law as a pre-condition to peace and on stocktaking on the independence of the courts.
Acknowledging the role of constitutional courts and equivalent institutions in defending democracy and rule of law, the participants reaffirmed their commitment to the fundamental principles of democracy, the rule of law and human rights, which are at the heart of the WCCJ. The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia has been a full member of this Conference since 2011.