President Šeparović at the 40th Days of the Croatian Bar Association

22 March 2024 - The President of the Court, Dr Miroslav Šeparović, participated in the 40th Days of the Croatian Bar Association, which took place today at the Croatian Bar Association on the topic of "Confidentiality of communication between attorneys and clients".

In his opening address the President emphasised that preservation of attorney-client privilege is an essential element of the legal profession, which is important not only in terms of relationship between attorney and client but also for the realisation of the rule of law in a democratic society. He further mentioned that the Constitutional Court has so far reviewed certain issues related to legal profession, either through the abstract control or through the cases of individual constitutional control, always taking into account the special status of attorneys as independent legal professionals, which gives them a central position in carrying out justice.

After the introductory speeches, Mr. Rajko Mlinarić, LL M, Judge of the Croatian Constitutional Court, spoke about the topic from the perspective of the Constitutional Court.