President Omejec held a lecture at the Zagreb Law Faculty

21 March 2016 - Within a project on the Croatian constitutional justice of the students' association Pravnik, Professor Jasna Omejec, President of the Constitutional Court, held a lecture on the role of constitutional judiciary in the process of Croatian transition. In her lecture she recalled the fundamental role of constitutional courts in the post-communist states, where the constitutional judiciary found itself amidst national and European law. She pointed out to a confusion in legislative, and in general, regulative system of our country and to the troubled state of our judiciary chained in the textual or grammatical positivism, as well as to the strong lack of understanding of Constitutional Court's role given that the Croatian society still fails to except the fact that the constitutional judiciary supervises the legal frame of the state created by the political power. At the end she emphasised the need for general improvement of political culture and necessity for spreading the awareness of democratic values and for constant learning.

Students' association Pravnik has been active at the Zagreb Law Faculty for nearly fifty years, issuing students' journal “Pravnik”. The journal publishes best students' works at the Faculty, including pieces that have received the Rector’s or Dean’s Award, overviews of expert literature and other texts. Some of their projects also include the Orientation Week, Law students' congress, organisation of various public discussions on current political, legal and social issues, etc.