Official and working meeting of the judges of the Croatian and Slovenian Constitutional Courts

28 and 29 September 2016 - upon the invitation of Dr Miroslav Šeparović, President of the Croatian Constitutional Court, the judges of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia, headed by President Mr Miroslav Mozetič, LL M, came to a two-day official and working meeting to Croatia.
At these traditional working meetings, which have continuously been held for more than thirty years, the judges address different issues of common interest related to constitutional judiciary. This time the topic of the discussions was the relation between the Constitutional Court as a negative legislator and the Parliament as a positive legislator.
On the second day the delegations visited the City of Vukovar and laid a wreath and lit candles at the Homeland War Memorial Cemetery and signed in the memorial book in the Ovčara Memorial Home and 1991 Vukovar Hospital Memorial Place.