Members of the American Bar Association visited the Constitutional Court

27 February 2017 - Dr Miroslav Šeparović, President, and Dr Snježana Bagić, Deputy President of the Croatian Constitutional Court, received today a delegation of the American Bar Association (ABA) that arrived in Zagreb upon the invitation of the Croatian Bar Association (HOK) and its president Robert Travaš. The talks were held about the work of the Croatian Constitutional Court, and the American lawyers were particularly interested in the institute of constitutional complaint, given that the American legal order is grounded on different legal postulates. Dr Linda Klein, President of the ABA, presented the work of this association and emphasised good relations between the two Bars.

The ABA was established in 1878, and today it is one of the oldest professional organisations, and one of the largest bar associations in the world with more than 400,000 members. The Bar Associations of the two countries institutionally cooperate since 2014 by realising joint projects, exchanging information and trainings.