International Scientific Gathering on Legal Principles in Legal Theory and Judicial Adjudication

16 October 2014 - organised by the Sarajevo Foundation Public Law Centre and the Rijeka Faculty of Law, an International scientific gathering on legal principles in legal theory and judicial adjudication was held in Rijeka on 16 October 2014. The event gathered numerous theoreticians and practitioners who addressed the role and importance of legal principles in legal theory and jurisprudence of highest courts. In her lecture entitled The Constitutional Court as a bridge between two judicial approaches to interpretation (national and the Strasbourg), President Omejec warned of the deficit of interpretative potential of Croatian courts that mostly stems from the fact that Croatian courts still fail to accept the interpretative principles on which the modern European jurisprudence is grounded. She emphasised that this situation can be changed only if the judicial adjudication starts to be grounded on the interpretation of legal norms in line with the Constitutional values, for which the guidelines are provided by the Constitutional Court in accordance with the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights.