26th "Petar Simonetti" symposium of legal professionals

11 November 2020 - In his speech given at the opening session of the 26th "Petar Simonetti" symposium of legal professionals held on 11 and 12 November 2020 as a video conference, President Dr Miroslav Šeparović first of all offered his congratulations to the organisers, the Rijeka University, Rijeka Faculty of Law, Croatian High Administrative Court and Croatian Notaries Chamber, on the 26 successful events. He repeated his proposal for a separate part related only to constitutional law be introduced in the agenda of the symposium.

On this occasion, Deputy President, Dr Snježana Bagić, presented a paper, in which, together with President Šeparović, she addressed protection of the property right in the jurisprudence of the Croatian Constitutional Court and problems in its habitualization. It was pointed out that the Court has made significant steps forward, but has still to harmonise its procedures in cases related to the interference in someone's property right.