20th Anniversary of the Croatian Academy of Legal Sciences

5 November 2021 - Invited by President of the Croatian Academy of Legal Sciences, Professor Derenčinović, President of the Croatian Constitutional Court Dr Šeparović participated in a round table on the rule of law and judiciary in Croatia, held today at the Zagreb University. In his address he emphasised, among other things, also that the rule of law demands that both holders of state power and citizens abide by the Constitution and law and pointed to the very sensitive question of the corresponding supervision. In that light he substantiated that the Croatian Constitutional Court enjoys special position within the control mechanisms, given its role of the guardian of the Constitution and the highest instance authorised to protect the rule of law and legal certainty. In the conclusion he added: "The rule of law is an ideal, a goal to be pursued - and as such it can never be completely achieved. Not one state can boost that it has completely achieved it - not even Croatia. To that end, the Constitutional Court will continue to actively contribute to the realisation of the rule of law. I believe that also the judicial power and judiciary in general will give their contribution as well. Thereby we together will contribute also to strengthening the public trust in the democratic institutions of the state."

With this round table the Academy of Legal Sciences marked 20 years of its successful work, distinguishing itself as one of the most prominent professional associations.